Rogue River Office

Location/Mailing Address:  211 E. Main Street, Rogue River, OR  97537

Directions:  The town of Rogue River is located just off of I-5 (exit 48), between Medford and Grants Pass.  The town of Rogue River, is a small town known for its country town living and its central location in Southern Oregon.  It is an easy drive to Medford and Grants Pass.  And for the Shakespearean Theater, the Short Film Festival and the Britt Concerts, Ashland and Jacksonville are not that far either!  There are boat launches with great fishing and lots of BLM land to explore nearby.

Main Phone Number:  541-582-2000

Winter Hours:  9am-4pm-ish (unless we're all showing property)

Summer Hours:  9am-5pm-ish (unless we're all showing property)

Note:  Our business hours vary.  Due to the nature of our business we are often in the office, early, late and may have to step out during normal business hours to provide the best service to our clients.  We are Always Available By Appointment:  Before, During and After Hours.


Grants Pass Office

Location/Mailing Address:  980 SW 6th Street, #14, Grants Pass, OR  97526

Directions:  Take 6th Street toward the Bridge, before crossing the bridge on the Right Hand side is a business complex know as the Shop River Rock or Hellgate Store.  We are in that business center.

Main Phone Number:  541-476-2000

Winter Hours:  12pm-4pm (These are receptionist hours.  Licensed agents are frequently in the office throughout the day.)

Summer Hours:  10am-5pm

We are Always Available By Appointment:  Before, During and After Hours.